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Clinical Departments

Clinical Departments

Department of Pediatrics

The Department of Pediatrics Medicine started in 2007 at Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH). Initially it was the outpatient department only where 40 – 50 patients were being provided medical consultation daily free of cost. Now Pediatrics department is fully equipped with all modern services and facilities with 60 beds capacity. In the year of 2012 statistically 9694 outdoor patients were attended and 966 indoor cases were recorded.

Department of Dermatology

Dermatological department in Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH) was started in 2006. Department of dermatology is fully equipped and all necessary diagnostic & therapeutic procedures are carried out on outpatient basis. Diagnostic procedures include skin biopsy, skin scrapings for fungus, tzanck smear and smear for Leishmaniasis. Electrodessication, eletrofulguration, curettage and cautry, epilation and chemical peel are among the therapeutic procedures routinely performed.

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The Obs & Gynae department was established in 2007 in Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH). Since then there has been significant improvement in the unit. Presently, it is providing 120 bedded fully equipped indoor with operation theaters and high dependency ward.

Department of Pathology

The department of medical laboratory is committed to provide efficient, effective and reliable consultative, clinical laboratory services based on scientific concepts, clinical evidence and valid practice guidelines to all its users at Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH) and University Medical & dental College. The prime values guiding the Laboratory Practice are Patient Centered, Quality Focused and Evidence Based Medicine. By its research, continuous professional development and training activities, the department promotes and develops the contribution that makes to the diagnosis and management of the diseases.

Department of Radiology

Radiology department of MTH has modern imaging facilities. It is equipped with state of the art C.T scan, Ultrasound and X-Ray machines. Working in the areas of conventional as well as interventional radiology it is going hand in hand with the dynamic demands of the specialized patient care and the super specialties currently functional in this hospital. Colour Doppler scanning and sonological workup performed in Radiology department is up to mark by any standards.