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Dental Workshop “Ensmile” in MTH

One day workshop on “Ensmile” was held at Dental Clinics, Madinah Teaching Hospital on September 28, 2018. The seminar included extensive lectures which covered the modern aesthetics approach towards the correction of misaligned teeth. This useful event was conducted with the help of Ensmile UK Pvt Ltd and attended by the faculty members, house officers, general dentists and final year students of BDS.

Guest speaker Dr Shah Ali Farrukh, Medical Director Ensmile Pakistan delivered comprehensive lecture on concepts of aligners, Biomechanics of aligners, why Ensmile aligner is more reliable and its case selection criteria etc.

Ensmile clear aligner is a practically invisible and removable substitute to conventional braces that straightens and aligns teeth without the metal wires. It is clinically proven more effective, hygienic and comfortable than the traditional brackets, Dr Shah added.

Dr Mian Farrukh Imran, Vice Principal Dental Section thanked Dr Shah Ali and his team for arranging this informative session for faculty members and students.