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International Nursing Day celebrated in MTH

The International Nurses Day is celebrated today to determine the contribution of nurses to people’s health. The theme of the day this year is: “Nurses: A voice to lead – Health is a Human Right”. Today celebrates the birthday of the founder of Florence Nightingale Modern Nursery. This date is very important, because it is the famous nurse’s birthday in the world, Florence Nightingale. The World Nursing Day is used to celebrate all the nurses in the world for patients with many diseases.

School of Nursing, MTH arranged a “Nurses Walk” for this special day. Participants in this walk include Medical Superintendent MTH, Principal Son, Nursing Superintendent, Departments HODs, Nursing faculty and Nursing students.

Dr. Bashir Ahmed, MS, In a speech to the participants said, World Nursing Day is celebrated on 12 May in the world to provide honor and respect to the nurses for their wonderful work and honor. There are many nurses working day and night to make patients get cure quickly with all kind of services and services provided to patients who have been found around the world to develop every activity for patient health and treatment.