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Madinah Teaching Hospital

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We care when you are asleep.

The department of anesthesia and critical care is always there to provide best perioperative and critical care facilities to the patients. This department is doing its best and striving for continuous improvement in its services. We are there to help you 24/7. The excellence of services is ensured at each step. The department has a dedicated team of health care providers and state of the art equipment. “You are in safe hands” is the assurance of anesthesia department.

Dr. Nadia Bano
Associate Professor
Head of Department


The department of anesthesiology, perioperative medicine and critical care at Madinah Teaching Hospital Faisalabad has long been recognized for its comprehensive and excellent medical care. The department consists of a team of highly skilled doctors and paramedical staff. The team is dedicated to provide excellent services to patients during pre, intra and postoperative period. The department has 14 fully equipped operating rooms. The anesthesia services are provided within and outside these rooms. The services outside the OR include imaging, central venous catheterization, Pain management and painless deliveries.


Pre-anesthesia clinic. All the patients planned to undergo surgery visit PAC. Here patients are thoroughly evaluated and risk is stratified. Patients are optimized prior to surgery. The aim is to provide safe anesthesia for all the patients varying from ASA-I to ASA-IV class. Referral rate of department is negligible.

Anesthesia care The department is fully equipped to provide perioperative services to various surgical departments including eye, ENT, general surgery, urology, maxillofacial, orthopedic and gynecology/obs. Department also provides services to radiology and gastroenterology departments. We have highly trained staff to manage difficult airways, poly trauma, morbidly obese patients and patients with multiple comorbidities. Safe delivery of anesthesia is ensured at each and every step of perioperative management. The OR staff is ready to deal with any emergency or untoward event during surgery. The department has a well-equipped and state of the art backup of ICU to manage critical patients in postop period. Postoperative pain and other events are managed in recovery room with an efficient team and continuous monitoring.Safety of patient is the aim of department which is not compromised at any step.

Monitored anesthesia care. MAC is provided to patients undergoing minor surgical procedures. MAC is also offered for patients with critical illness in a condition where surgery is unavoidable.

24/7 emergency services. Anesthesia department is always ready to provide emergency services anywhere within the hospital round the clock. Patient ranging from ASA-I to ASA-IV are managed.

Critical care Mechanical ventilation is offered to compromised patients. Staff is well trained for management of these patients. Excellent nursing care is provided to patients. Our ICU comprises of 6 fully equipped beds and trained staff to serve the patients.

Services outside the OR. The dedicated team providesservices outside the OR as well. Procedures in radiology department like RFA, TACE and microwave ablation for tumors are facilitated by the department. Imaging like CT scan and MRI of very sick and non-cooperative patients are also carried out under anesthesia. The radiology department is provided with MRI compatible anesthesia work station as well as monitoring. The main objective is again the safety of patient.

Research and post graduate training. The department is recognized by CPSP for fellowship program. We welcome young energetic doctors who want to pursue anesthesia and critical care as their career. Various research projects are being carried out in the department as well. There is continuous effort for betterment of department.

• Dr. Nadia Bano(Associate Professor, HOD)

• Dr. Sumara Tabassam(Assistant Professor)

• Dr. Syed Tahawar Ali(Consultant Anesthetist)

• Dr. Ijaz Ahmed Wahla(Senior Medical Officer)

• Dr. Shaheen Aziz(Senior Medical Officer)

• Dr. Muhammad Asif Bhatti(Senior Medical Officer)

• Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob (Senior Medical Officer)

• Dr. Abrar Ahmad (Medical Officer)

• Dr. Sohail Shahzad (Medical Officer)

• Dr. Ahmed Raza (Medical Officer)

• Dr. Muhammad Umar (Medical Officer)