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Madinah Teaching Hospital

Sargodha Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Message from HOD:

Kidney Failure is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Every year millions of people suffer from kidney failure and require either dialysis or transplant. Pakistan is ranking high as far as the number of kidney patients is concerned. Approximately every 10th person in our population is having some kind of kidney disease.About 25 million people are suffering from kidney diseases in this nation. Number of patients requiring dialysis and transplant is increasing tremendously. Out of common causes, Diabetes and hypertension contribute about 60 to 70 percent. Use of medications without prescription by authorized medical practitioner may also damage kidneys badly. We believe that by spreading awareness about these diseases and educating people how to prevent themselves can save many lives being lost due to kidney failure. For that matter, we need to run campaigns of public awareness through all sources of media, arrange public seminars in different cities and towns across the country and include the educational material about important health issues in curriculum of academic institutions.

Introduction of Department:

Importance of nephrology department in any tertiary care hospital cannot be over emphasized owing to the growing number of kidney disease patients and special requirements for the treatment. Department of Nephrology was established in January 2016 in this institution. Ever since, we are trying hard to provide best medical facilities to kidney disease patients. In our department we treat wide variety of kidney disorders including acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, glomerular diseases, urinary tract infections, fluid electrolytes and acid base disorders, polycystic kidney diseases, complications of dialysis dependent patients and kidney transplant dysfunction. We accomplish this task by providing different services as follow:

1. Outdoor patient Department: We provide OPD services twice a week to manage patients on outdoor basis.

2. Emergency: We provide daily emergency services for critical patients of kidney diseases. They are admitted in hospital if required, preferably in high dependency unit.

3. Emergency Dialysis services: Critical patients are provided emergency dialysis servicesin dialysis unit and intensive care when indicated.

4. Indoor Patient services: Daily round for indoor patients is carried out by consultant. Plan of management is discussed and executed. Complicated patients are managed by interdepartmental discussion and consensus.

5. Nephrology consultancy for other departments: Kidney disorders may be present in patients of almost every specialty particularly in hospitalized patients having severe infection, volume depletion or taking multiple medications. For that matter, their treating physicians require nephrology opinion. We provide nephrological consultation to patients of all specialties where required along with dialysis when indicated.

6. Outdoor dialysis services: Stable end stage kidney patients are offered regular dialysis on outdoor basis in our dialysis unit.

In addition to patient care, nephrology department is playing its role in the training and education of undergraduate and postgraduate students. We believe that by training the upcoming medical personnel, we can contribute in providing effective nephrology services beyond the confinement of a single institution. Our academic services are as follow.

1. Lectures on nephrology and fluid Electrolyte, acid base disorders for undergraduates and postgraduates

2. Clinical classes for undergraduates

3. Lectures and clinical training for students of dialysis technician diploma students

Special Services:

1. Hemodialysis: Our dialysis unit is offering 24 hrs dialysis services. There are 18 dialysis machines in the unit and 1 separate dialysis machine for intensive care unit (ICU). More than one thousand dialysis sessions are being performed per month. Poor patients are offered significant discount in charges to help them afford treatment. There is a good quality water treatment plant in dialysis unit to provide high quality pure water for dialysis process.
One of the key features of our ICU is provision of dialysis facility for critical patients, especially those who are on ventilator and cannot be taken to dialysis unit for hemodialysis. We have a special separate portable water treatment plant for that matter along with a dedicated dialysis machine in ICU.

2. Dialysis Catheter procedure: Patients who require dialysis on emergency basis and they don’t have a function AV fistula or graft need a dialysis catheter inserted for dialysis. we have performed hundreds of procedure in last few years with minimal rate of complications.

3. Kidney Biopsy: Kidney biopsy is very important procedure for diagnosing unexplained kidney disease. Our department performs ultrasound guided real time kidney biopsy with very good success rate and minimal complications. If required, case is discussed with histopathologists for clinicopathological correlation.