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Department of Ophthalmology

Eye department of Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH) was established in 1996. This is the oldest department of our hospital. Following facilities are provided in this department.


Suture less Viteroretinal Surgery

The eye department of Madinah Teaching Hospital (MTH) is one of the few centers in Pakistan where complicated vitreoretinal surgeries are performed. A latest development in this field is suture less vitrectomy.

Modern Equipment

The eye department has been equipped with two new, state of the art, Oertli Phaco emulsification units. The Eye department of our hospital was the pioneer in phacosurgery in Faisalabad. This department started Phaco surgery in 1998. Eye department is equipped with Argon laser, used for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, OCT (Optical coherence tomography) automated perimetry, fundus fluorescein angiography, Yag Laser photodisrupter, CXL for keratoconus, B-Scan ultrasound, latest Ultrasound A-Scan and Autorefractometer.

Other Services

Free Eye Camps:
Free National and International Eye Camps are organized on regular bases. In Pakistan we provide eye surgery facilities to remote areas of all the provinces. , Internationally we have established eye camps in the developing countries such as Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, African Countries and Iraq.

Lectures and visit of Renowned Eye Specialist From Pakistan and Abroad:
Monthly we used to invite ophthalmologist for lecture and practical demonstration of latest techniques. We also send our doctors to different ophthalmological conferences in Pakistan and abroad. This project helped our senior & junior doctors to upgrade their professional knowledge.

Corneal Graft Operation:
Our survey showed that a good number of corneal blind patients are blind because of non-availability of Corneas. Unfortunately Pakistani people don’t donate their eyes after their death. So, we have to depend on other countries specially SRILANKA Eye Donation Society to provide us Corneas. For this we invited the president Sri Lanka eye donation society and his team to visit our hospital and to see its working. Seeing our absolute FREE SERVICES they agreed to cooperate with us. Now we can proudly claim that we are the biggest recipient of corneas in Pakistan.

Every month our surgeons performed six corneal graft operations. This is in addition to 30 corneal graft operations we do in the Holy Month of Ramadan.


Name of few latest and State of the Art equipment in the department

  • A-Scan
  • F.F.A
  • Keratometer
  • OCT Machine
  • Snellen Auto Chart
  • Tonometer
  • Microscope
  • Corneal Topography
  • Operating microscope
  • Cryo machine
  • B-Scan
  • Green Laser
  • Opthalmic Lenses
  • Perimeter (VFA)
  • Slit Lamp 01
  • Yag Laser
  • IOL Master Biometer
  • Phaco machine
  • CCL Master

We provide treatment for:
a) Laser Vision Correction
b) Phacoemulsification with foldable IOL
c) Glaucoma
d) Diabetic Eye Treatment
e) Squint Surgery
f) Corneal Diseases
g) Paediatrics and genetics
h) Eye Injuries and Emergencies
i) Corneas Grafting.
General OPD Timing
8am to 2pm Monday to Saturday
Consultant OPD
8am to 2pm Monday to Saturday
General Visiting Hours
Children under 10 years are not allowed in the ward. This is for the comfort of our patients and for the safety of the children in term of infection acquisition